1. Nighmo is smarter than ever

the new series of Nighmo has arrived

Nighmo is a cute pet made of rubber. It will give you some comforting dim light when you are near, so that you don`t have to stumble in the dark. It will switch on and provide just enough dim light for you to sense space at night.

What is it for?

Nighmos can be placed in the darkest corners of your home, where some light to help your orientation is needed, e.g.: in the bathroom, the bedroom or the corridor between the two.

Usually we don`t need bright light to move around in a dark flat, a pleasant, dim light is enough, just like the light of a candle or full moon. For the eye used to darkness, the lights in the bathroom when turned on are like the flash of a camera used in a well-lit room.

This problem is not solved at all by lamps that can be controlled by switches with dimmers as the lowest light provided by these lamps is too much and the switch has to be found in darkness.

How do you use it?

By day this things are unnoticed, aesthetic objects which can be relocate as you want. As the day-light leave off, these lights automatically activated themselves. If something or somebody moves in their area, motion is detected by simple motion sensors and the back part of Nighmo start to make dim light. When motion stops, the lights turn down.

Nighmo don’t disturb sleeping, because its glaze shines and fades gradually.

2.Why is it useful?

Nighmo smooth white silicone
the material is smooth snow-white silicone rubber - aesthetic and durable

Nighmo light darkness
makes dim light in darkness

Nighmo USB plug
the USB plug on the back